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Senaptec Strobe Glasses Amazon Review


The main function of Senaptec Strobe glasses is to limit visual information by flashing the lenses according to a preset setting. There are several customization levels available, so you can begin with an easier setting. The higher the flash rate, the more visual information you will receive. Athletes should start with a lower flashing setting, since this will be easier for them to handle. Once you have gotten the hang of it, you can progress to the fastest flashing lenses.

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If you’re interested in trying Senaptec strobe glasses, visit this page. The innovative product features liquid-crystal lenses that flash depending on a predetermined level. These glasses can be adjusted to increase or decrease the speed at which the lenses flash. A beginner should start with an easier setting. As you increase the difficulty level, the lenses will become more powerful, enabling you to make snap judgments and improve your performance.

Strobe glasses are made with liquid-crystal technology that turns clear lenses opaque for milliseconds. This removes visual information for a brief period of time, forcing the brain to perform functions based on less visual information. The effect is a natural adaptation to the brain’s ability to cope with less visual information. As a result, they may be beneficial in training and on the field of play.

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Senaptec Strobe Glasses for training help athletes improve reaction times and speed up their game. These glasses block vision for specific intervals and have different settings for each player. Marquette’s head volleyball coach introduced the strobe training glasses to her team in spring 2017.

Visual cognition is a skill that allows an athlete to analyze a scene and determine the best course of action. In fast-paced sports, this skill is crucial. Wearing strobe training glasses helps increase this ability because it forces the brain to work harder. With increased brain efficiency, athletes can improve their response time and anticipate their opponent’s moves. These glasses can also help improve their visual memory and improve their attention span.

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The Senaptec strobe glasses for a simulated stroboscopic training environment are made of strong injection-molded plastic and feature a liquid crystal lens for clear, sharp vision. The glasses feature a digital dial on the side of the frame that controls the strobe intensity. They are the only stroboscopic eyewear available on the market and have several patents. The lenses are easy to clean and maintain using a lens cloth and a moistened cloth.

The stroboscopic training environment can be very varied, depending on the nature of the sports. The training may last only a few hours or for as long as a few weeks, and the effects will be transferred to other tasks. The effectiveness of stroboscopic visual training in athletic competitions may vary based on the environment and external factors, so further research is needed. Until then, it is safe to say that stroboscopic training can benefit athletes at all levels.

integration with smartphone app

If you’re looking for a competitive edge in sports, then Senaptec strobe glasses may be the perfect solution. With smartphone apps and bluetooth pairing, these glasses can be controlled from anywhere in the world. They open their lenses and provide you with example drills for different sports. With the help of the app, you can even control the lights. Here are five reasons why you should consider purchasing Senaptec strobe glasses.

First, these eyewear improve visual cognition, which is the ability to analyze the scene in front of you and decide what to do next. Visual cognition is critical in fast-paced sports, including basketball, soccer, and football. With increased efficiency, athletes can be more responsive to their surroundings and perform better in anticipation. By incorporating Senaptec strobe glasses into your athletic training, you can enjoy more success, faster recovery, and more fun.


There are several advantages to using Senaptec strobe glasses for training. They strengthen the connection between the brain and eyes, increasing reaction time and reducing the amount of visual information that the brain processes. They also increase the efficiency of the brain’s ability to form quick associations. Athletes should consider using Senaptec strobe glasses for training if they regularly participate in fast-paced sports. However, they must know that these glasses do have a price.

The lenses of Senaptec strobe glasses are made of liquid crystal. They flash based on a predetermined setting. To choose the right strobe setting for a specific sport or activity, the user can adjust the level of difficulty on the digital dial on the side of the frame. Unlike other types of strobe glasses, which require special care and maintenance, the glasses can easily be washed by simply using a moist lens cloth.